The core values of the organisation are:

  • Integrity : LifeFund is guided by the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAMA 2020, and work in effect of its underlying principles. The best interest of her beneficiaries takes precedence over any organizational or personal interest. The organization carries out her activities in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.


  • Compassion : LifeFund is genuinely concerned about her beneficiaries health needs and wants to see them hale and hearty in order to live a better productive life. LifeFund is also concerned with helping to relieve the financial burdens imposed on low and middle class citizens due to high medical costs, huge out-of-pocket medical expenses and government inefficiency in adequately funding healthcare.



  • Excellence : We believe in excellence both as a team and organization and this reflects in the quality of our work and project implementations. LifeFund believes in training and retraining of her team in order to set standards that positively impact our workforce and community.


  • Great Stewardship : Being committed to excellence, LifeFund demonstrates great stewardship of resources bequeathed to her by provision of value, accountability and transparency.  The initiative has set standards of financial procedures and internal controls.